Aaron Bryant & “Godspell” cast raises $7000 for Clay Grogan

May 19, 2017

Nolan Catholic High School student Clay Grogan was a top athlete on the basketball team and had high hopes to start at point guard and help lead Nolan Catholic to a state championship. Then his world turned upside down.

Clay was diagnosed with a rare genetic deficiency – his body’s immune system was attacking itself. The diagnosis was devastating: No more basketball. Restrictions on what he could do physically. And big medical bills for his family.

Assistance for Clay came from an unexpected source – fellow student Aaron Bryant. Aaron and Clay were long-time classmates, and had met when both ran for class president in middle school. At assembly, Aaron had given the first speech, Clay was so impressed that he withdrew his candidacy announcing he would vote for Aaron.

It was now Aaron’s turn to say thank you. Aaron was a theater enthusiast and had won the role of Jesus in Nolan Catholic’s production of the popular play “Godspell.” He rallied his fellow cast mates and convinced the Drama Department to contribute a portion of the show’s proceeds to Clay and his family.

“If it were as humble as $100, that would have been totally fine,” Aaron said. “But we raised over $7,000.”

The contribution had a big impact on Clay. “It showed me that I have a good support system as I go through this tough time in my life,” he said.

Nolan Catholic provides an education based in faith, hope and charity. We’re proud of Aaron and Clay – they’re an example of how our students are making this world a better place to live.

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