Nolan Catholic High School provides a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, requiring 30 Carnegie units for graduation. A student’s coursework includes theology classes each of his/her four years, and weekly attendance at Mass. We offer Dual Credit, Advanced Placement and Honors courses in multiple disciplines.

Nolan Catholic students learn in an environment nurtured by a dedicated and caring teaching staff who help young people develop their talents. The result is a record of high achievement: on average, 99 percent of Nolan Catholic graduates attend college.

Students graduate with either a Distinguished Diploma that includes endorsement or an Honors Diploma. Like many private schools, Nolan Catholic does not rank students. Instead, we use grade and performance data that satisfy college and university admission applications, and meet Texas state law in reporting our top 10 percent.

For more details on the Nolan Catholic High School curriculum, click here to review the our graduating class profile.

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