Christian Ministry

 Among us, who is above must be in service of the others. This doesn’t mean we have to wash each other’s feet every day, but we must help one another.”     (Pope Francis)

All of us are called to serve. This call was given to us by Jesus Christ Himself and is reiterated again and again in Scripture and numerous Church documents. Pope Francis regularly reminds us that none of us can think we are exempt from concern for the poor and for social justice. One way in which we answer this call is through the Christian Ministry program. In this way, we share our time and talents with the Church and community.

Called in Baptism and gifted by the Holy Spirit.
The life of a Christian is one of loving service to those in need. The Christian Ministry Program of Nolan Catholic High School is an opportunity to explore the many ministry opportunities of the Church and the wider community outside one’s normal circle of friends, family, and neighborhood.

Christian Ministry

† The Spirituality of Service Christian Ministry is the freely offered gift of one’s time, talents and personality. We can be Christ for others in many ways. While some of the agencies where we carry out our ministry are not “Church-related”, we consider the student’s contribution to be “Christian ministry” in that our faith is the motivation, prayer is the source of our strength, and to serve as Jesus did is our goal.

† An Opportunity to Learn Christian Ministry is an opportunity to learn and grow in ways that are impossible in a classroom. Through Christian ministry, students may discover their personal gifts, values, limitations, and perhaps, dreams for the future. They will learn about people and have their eyes opened to the problems and challenges in our community.

† Choosing A Ministry Students have particular interests as well as gifts and talents. In order to be a minister according to the call God is giving, a person should examine his/her own gifts and interests. Listen to the Holy Spirit. It is often better to find something that will be difficult or challenging, but that is interesting. Students get more out of these experiences. The easy ministries aren’t necessarily the most fun or rewarding. When one stretches beyond one’s “comfort zone”, the rewards are more often greater.

† Making a Commitment It is the investment of oneself that makes for rewarding ministry. While there are many short term ministry opportunities, it is recommended that the student make a long term commitment (a semester, a summer, a year) to one ministry, especially in the junior year. This will give a student the opportunity to develop relationships, become experienced in his/her field, and perhaps witness changes or growth in those being helped. The agency also benefits because they can count on the student’s dedicated service. In selecting an agency, one should be sure it meets the criteria outlined below. If there is ANY question, please see the Director of Christian Ministry.

† Action-Reflection Process As the student logs in the time served, the opportunity for reflection is part of the logging process. It gives the student a chance to reflect on what was really accomplished, not only in the physical realm, but also in the spiritual, psychological, emotional, etc. realms that most surely accompany the ministry. It is in this setting, that much of the learning takes place. In addition, the senior level Christian Vocations/Ministry course offers another opportunity to synthesize one’s ministry experiences.

† Recording Your Ministry NCHS is using an online service record website, Each student must have an account within one month of coming to NCHS. Failure to have an account means that student is not participating in the graduation requirement. Because of this, the student will be put on CM probation until the account is created, upon which time the probation will be lifted. Incoming freshmen must register on the system.

You have several options in selecting your ministry site. You may find an agency on your own or continue to serve an agency if it meets the following criteria:

1. SERVICE TO OR WITH PEOPLE We ask that the majority of your service involve working directly with people, serving as Christ did. While there may be a few occasions where you will indirectly help others through other means (office work, cleaning), we require that MOST hours come from direct service to others. Service must be completed at a non-profit agency such as those listed at the end of this publication. For any other agency or organization type to be validly accepted, it must be approved by the Director of Christian Ministry.

2. VOLUNTEER SERVICE Christian ministry is a contribution of your time and talents in a volunteer capacity. This is work that is not for payment, outside of the ministry we already freely give to family, friends and neighbors. Whereas it is a requirement of NCHS for a student to have the prescribed number of hours in order to graduate, the agency the student chooses, the hours worked, etc. is of the student’s choosing.

3. SUPERVISOR PRESENCE A non-family adult must be available at your ministry site to supervise, validate your service, and evaluate your ministry. The supervisor should also be available to provide training, support and assistance. Due to liabilities, all ministry work MUST be with an adult supervisor. Name, phone number AND email address for the supervisor will be required in order to verify hours.

4. NOLAN CATHOLIC SERVICE We encourage service to Nolan Catholic High School. Helping clean the ball fields after school, tutoring after school, Ambassador functions in the evening, etc., are all excellent ways to earn hours while helping out your Alma Mater. However, hours worked during the school hours or as a requirement for a course CANNOT be counted. This would include such things as marching band practice after school, Ambassador Shadow work during school, assisting with a day retreat during school, etc. Students may not opt to attend a service project in place of school. Hours done in this capacity will not be counted towards their graduation requirement.

Service to our Athletic department as trainers, filmers and managers also qualifies for hours. However, as these Athletic Dept. opportunities also qualify for P.E. credit, students MUST declare before starting the ministry whether it will be for P.E. credit or for CM hours. They may not claim the same work for both. N.B. Some items, such as retreats and sports managers, will have some hours associated with them that are valid to claim and some that are not, as they sometimes involve both school time and outside time. When in question about such events and the time valid to claim, please contact the Director of Christian Ministry for clarification.

† Start Date for Ministry Students may begin their Christian Ministry as soon as they are high school students at Nolan Catholic. Therefore, service may begin as early as the first day of June the summer before a student’s freshman year. For transfer students, hours begin the first day of June before their beginning of the school year, OR, for transfers in the middle of the school year, ministry hours start counting the day they enroll at NCHS.

† Hour Requirements In summary, students are REQUIRED to complete 25 hours by the end of freshman year, 50 hours by the end of sophomore year, and 75 hours by the end of junior year. SENIORS MUST HAVE COMPLETED A MINIMUM OF 75 HOURS BY AUGUST 31ST OF THEIR SENIOR YEAR IN ORDER TO GRADUATE FROM NOLAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL. DIPLOMAS WILL BE WITHHELD IF HOURS ARE INCOMPLETE. Students may always continue to submit hours after the minimum has been achieved in order to qualify for the CM awards (see below). For more details regarding the hours requirement, please view the CM requirements form.

† Transfer Student Transfer Hours Students transferring to Nolan Catholic who already have service hours from a program at their previous school may certainly transfer some of these hours to NCHS. Students are limited to transferring 25 hours per semester of their previous high school. So, a first year sophomore may transfer a maximum of 50 hours. Students must provide documentation of the hours from the former high school to the Director of Christian Ministry for hours to be considered for transfer.

† Recording Your Ministry NCHS is using an online service record website, Each student must have an account within one month of coming to NCHS. Failure to have an account means that student is not participating in the graduation requirement. Because of this, the student will be put on CM probation until the account is created, upon which time the probation will be lifted. Incoming students must register and log their hours on the system using the following instructions: x2VOL Registration Instructions; x2VOL Logging Hours Instructions. Any questions or concerns with the process should be addressed to the Director of Christian Ministry.

The student is the Christian minister. It is the Christian minister’s responsibility to report the hours of service on his/her own page. All sections of the online form must be filled. We do NOT want parents or volunteer coordinators to fill in the records. ALL sections of the log form must be complete for hours to be added to the student record. N.B. The supervisor for any ministry site must be a non-family adult. Parents may not be designated as supervisor in lieu of the actual supervisor. The STUDENT should enter information into x2VOL and regularly check their account to see if their submissions have been approved/denied.

Freshmen may use the following form to keep track of their hours before starting at Nolan: Christian Ministry Log Form. In August, the Director of Christian Ministry, will visit all freshmen Theology courses to explain how to register and log hours onto

† Deadlines There is a Six Week deadline, which means that any hours that are completed must be turned in within six weeks of their completion. Hours not turned in within that time frame are considered outdated and no longer valid. The only exception is for summer hours, which must be turned in by the summer deadline, or they become invalid as well. In addition, there are four deadlines throughout the year that the student must adhere to. The six week deadline is superseded by these deadlines. Hours earned must be logged in prior to these deadlines or they are rendered outdated and lost. Please follow the following for specific deadlines and descriptions: CM deadlines.

† Monitoring and Administration of Hours Christian Ministry hours are administered online. Each individual student will know in real time exactly where he/she stands in his/her hour count. Each student will have, at all times, a record of all hours submitted on, all hours verified, and all hours approved. Only hours that are approved are counted as hours completed for the student. This does not mean pending hours are void. It does mean that hours submitted but not given final acceptance do not yet count officially toward the number of hours that student has to his/her credit.

It is the student's responsibility to monitor their account. If hours remain pending past two weeks or if they are denied, students are advised to speak to the Director of Christian Ministry.

† Denied CM Hours In most cases, CM entries that are denied are most likely because the forms were not properly filled out. As above, these hours are not counted as completed yet. As previously mentioned, it is the student's responsibility to monitor their account. If they see that an entry is denied, they should view the comments within the entry to determine what corrections need to be made, make said corrections, and resubmit the entry. If the student is unable to determine what needs to be corrected or does not understand what needs to be corrected, it is their responsibility to make the time, and/or make an appointment, to see the Director of Christian Ministry in the Campus Ministry office. If entries are not corrected and resubmitted by the prescribed deadlines, students will forfeit the hours. The form will be considered out of date.

† Consequences for Incomplete Hours As stated above, April 15th (Spring Deadline) is the due date for the annual quota of hours for each student. Students will be given a reminder of this date in the Spring Semester. If the quota of hours is not completed by this date (NOT the last day of school), the student will be placed on CM probation. The student will remain on probation until the required number of hours is completed. Being on CM probation will affect ability to participate in extracurricular activities as follows. Since Christian Ministry Hours are a graduation requirement, deficiency in hours will be counted as one course failure. Once the student fulfills the hours requirement, the deficiency is remedied and student’s “failure” is considered corrected. Therefore, a student with two or more course failures or one course failure and deficiency in the Christian Ministry hour requirement will be ineligible for participation in extracurricular activities. Please see the Student Handbook for complete guidelines on academic ineligibility.

† Honor Code Any honesty infractions that are committed in the CM Program will be referred to the Honor Council. Any students who are found guilty of dishonesty, plagiarism, etc. in the CM Program will lose those hours in question, as well as have one strike against them in the Honor Code, as per the Honor Council guidelines in the Student Handbook. Please note that in order to submit hours on, a student must click the box agreeing that all that he/she entered is true. Students are accountable to every piece of information sent to Students should check each entry carefully before clicking the honor code box and submitting hours.

† Awards for Exceeding Hour Requirements Students who go beyond the requirement of hours will be recognized with the following awards. Freshmen will receive a pin for recognition of achievement. Sophomores will receive a certificate for recognition of achievement. Juniors will receive a certificate for recognition of achievement. Seniors will receive a golden cord to be worn at graduation ceremonies for recognition of achievement . Please review the CM requirements for specific details regarding the hours required to meet these achievements. In addition, for each graduating class, one student will be chosen to receive the Christian Ministry Program Award, which recognizes that person who has most exhibited outstanding service to his/her community at large in the spirit of the Christian Ministry Program.

Nolan Catholic students are highly encouraged to minister through their church or parish. Contact someone on the staff about ministry opportunities (youth minister, DRE, pastor, liturgical ministry coordinator, etc.). In addition, there are many other agencies in need of support. Some of these are listed below. You are also free to find an agency of your choice. If you have any questions about the agency, see the Director of Christian Ministry.

Arlington Women’s Shelter | 817-548-0583 |
Beautiful Feet Ministries | 817-536-0505 |
Catholic Charities | 817-534-0814 |
Eastside Ministries | 817-446-3278 |
Habitat for Humanity | 817-926-9219
Harvest House | 817-295-6252 |
Mid-Cities Care Corps | 817-282-0531 |
Meals on Wheels | 817-336-0912 |
Mission Arlington | 817-277-6620 |
Ronald McDonald House | 817-870-4942 |
Tarrant Area Food Bank | 817-332-9177 | Texas Special Olympics | 817-332-3433 | The Family Place | 214-443-7714 | The Salvation Army | 817-344-1820 | The Warm Place | 817-870-2272 | Union Gospel Mission | 817-332-2922 | Wings of Hope | 817-790-8810 | Workforce Solutions For Tarrant County | 817-536-8559 | In addition to these listed opportunities, students should attend to the Daily Bulletin, pay attention to the weekly NCHS broadcast and check the Christian Ministry bulletin board in the Main Hallway for specific events available in the larger Tarrant County community. The Director of Christian Ministry will notify students through these venues of other available opportunities in the community.

† When can I start counting hours? June 1st before your Freshmen year.

† Why were my hours denied? Common reasons are: forgetting to state where the service took place; failing to detail what you did for in the description; failing to provide both an email and a phone number for your contact; using a family member for the contact; failing to answer the provided reflection prompt; applying your service to the incorrect goal.

† What do I do if my hours are denied? Read the comments near the bottom of your entry to see what needs to be corrected, correct the entry, and resubmit. See the Director of Christian Ministry.

† How do I know which goal to apply my service to? If your service was completed in one of the three focus areas - Faith&School, Sick&Poor, or Elderly&Disabled - you should apply your service to that particular goal. If your goal does not fall into one of those three categories, use the "Indirect Service" goal. Never apply your service to the "Apply to all non-exclusive" goal. This will keep your entry from being placed into the queue for review.

† What if I fulfill the 75 hours in one year? WONDERFUL! We hope that Nolan Catholic students will continue to serve their school, church and community beyond the required hours. Continue to turn in these CM forms. Nolan Catholic will give special commendation to those students who model commitment to Christian Ministry. (see AWARDS above)

† What is not included in my service hours? Initial interviews, transportation to the ministry site, lunch breaks, dinner breaks, time spent sleeping (on overnight retreats), and hours being served to Teen Court due to a ticket do NOT count towards one’s required ministry hours. However, training for a specific ministry can count towards one’s hours. Babysitting (unless for a parish in a group child care setting with supervision), work for family and/or friends, and such do not count. Donations of goods do not count, regardless of the donations site’s policy, but the time spent gathering the goods can count. Work done in one’s home, even with parental and/or adult supervision, cannot be counted. “Double-dipping” is not allowed either.

There are many other requirements a person can have besides NCHS, such as Confirmation hours at a parish, Eagle Scout service projects, etc. These hours gain the benefit of those programs, and are NOT counted as valid hours in the NCHS Christian Ministry Program. Further, even if parishes accept NCHS hours in lieu of their own Confirmation requirement, this is still “double-dipping” and is not allowed. See also “Nolan Catholic Service” above for more information. If there is a question as to whether a specific activity is allowed, please contact the Director of Christian Ministry for approval.

† How are hours counted for ministry during Mass and Sunday services? Liturgical ministry is GREATLY encouraged. Keep a record of all masses in which you participate as an altar server, lector, Eucharistic minister, cantor, choir member, etc. Altar servers and choir members receive a full hour for each Mass. Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will receive ¼ hour for each Mass. Any training will also count towards one’s total hours. Ushers will receive between 30 minutes - 1 hours, depending on the type of service required by the parish. Please detail what you do as usher in order to receive proper credit for this service. See the Director of Christian Ministry with any questions regarding these hours.


Upcoming Christian Ministry Opportunities:

St. Andrew Fall Festival: Oct. 8 from 10:30am – 4:30pm
Sign Up >> Here

SMG Kountry Karnival: Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, Saturday from 10am – 7pm and Sunday from 10am – 5pm
Volunteers are needed in Food and Game booths- 2 hour shifts are available.
A SignUp Genius is available via the SMG School website at

St. Rita International Fair: Sunday Oct. 1 from 10am – 4pm
Volunteers are needed as face painters and help in setting up and decorating for the fair. There are many other opportunities for volunteering all day.