The Dance Department at Nolan Catholic is an academic interest program. It is part of the high school curriculum. The disciplines studied are: classical ballet, modern dance, and tap.

Dance I — Basics, no previous training required
Dance II — Prerequisite Dance I or 2-4 years consistent dance training
Dance III — Prerequisite Dance II or 6+ years of consistent dance training
Dance III HONORS —  Concurrent with Dance III. The purpose is to enhance the Dance III curriculum for those students who have had a great deal of training and performing experience. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior, one prior year of Dance II or Dance III with an average grade of 95 or better and Department approval

Dance Class Dress and Equipment Code

All clothing can be purchased locally or online.  Prices will vary.

Leotard:  Nylon, cotton or Lycra.  Any style

  • Dance I: Black
  • Dance II: Forest Green
  • Dance III: Burgundy or purple


  •  One pair footed theatre pink tights, no seams (not shiny), convertible tights
  •  One pair stirrup flesh colored tight (not shiny), convertible tights.
  •  No panty hose, no athletic shorts
  •  Dance shorts or “booty shorts” may be worn over the leotard (not required)
  •  A short, sheer dance skirt may be worn over the leotard(not required)


  • All Classes: NO DANCE SNEAKERS, NO JAZZ SHOES. One pair of pink ballet slippers, must have straps attached, leather or canvas, full or split-sole
  •  Dance I: Tap shoes: Bloch women’s rhythm SO302L, Capezio 3800 “Mary Jane” or comparable style in another brand of shoe, black
  •  Dance II: Same as Dance I
  •  Dance III: One pair of jazz taps.  If a student already has tap shoes of a different style, he/she may begin classes with those shoes

Dance Bag: One bag sturdy enough to last the year and small enough that it can be locked in a locker.

Solid white, blue, black or gray t-shirt and sweat pants or mesh athletic shorts that do not come below the knee. Shorts may be worn over football tights. Compression shorts may be worn under athletic shorts. White socks, Nolan uniform regulations apply


  • White or black BALLET SHOES with STRAPS SEWN ON, shoes may be leather or canvas, full or split sole
  • TAP SHOES: jazz taps, if the dancer cannot find his size, he may purchase a pair of taps separately. Go to Payless shoes and purchase a pair of black leather oxford style shoes and have the taps put on the shoes at a shoe repair shop.Male dance pants may be ordered after classes begin.  Cost: $35
  • From time to time students will be doing classes in Pilates to facilitate strength, conditioning, co-ordination and flexibility. Since many of these exercises are done on the floor, students may bring a towel or small exercise mat to use.

The first week of school, the students will be assigned, by classes, the quantity of the following items to bring with them: Kleenex, hair bands, safety pins, bobby pins, needles and thread, deodorant, hair spray, band-aids, strapping tape. Two dance concerts are scheduled for the year. Students in Dance II and III have an opportunity to present a performance in place of a written exam for one semester. The type and number of dances each class performs depends upon ability and progress of the students. Each student will purchase his/her own costume(s) for the concert performances. Costs per costume will vary: $45 – $65