Fine Arts Overview

Nolan Catholic High School offers a diverse fine arts program:

  • Musical Arts: Band, Choir and Orchestra
  • Performing Arts: Dance and Theater
  • Visual Arts

Nolan Catholic students develop their God-given talents and skills in Fine Arts classes. Fellow students, parents and the local community experience NCHS Fine Arts firsthand in a series of events each year, including recitals, competitions, exhibits and productions.

All NCHS students must have at least one Fine Arts credit for graduation, and may take their fine arts class any year. Students opting for more Fine Arts may take one course each year.

The majority of Fine Arts classes are curricular, meaning a class earns academic credit and meets during the school day. Performing arts are co-curricular, meaning a class earns credit and is normally held outside the normal school day. NCHS also offers some extracurricular courses that do not earn academic credit and typically meet outside the school day, but may be of personal value to the student, to expand his or her skills and creativity. The NCHS course guide identifies each Fine Arts course as credit or noncredit, and whether the course is curricular, co-curricular or extracurricular.